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MTO-Approved BDE Course Provider


Mto Approved Driving Schools Maple

We are a recognised driving school by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario for the purpose of delivering the ministry approved Beginner Drivers Education course. This course includes 20 hour in-class/online training, 10 hours flexible home link workbook, and a minimum of 10 hours of in-car training. By successfully completing these minimum 40 hours of driver training, students are certified with the ministry. Completion of this course allows new drivers to go for their G2 test after 8 months and  BDE Graduates with a Driver’s Licence History may be eligible for an insurance discount.

Car lessons are delivered as one-on-one instruction method and focuses on how to drive defensively. Students learn to avoid potentially hazardous situations by scanning far ahead and how to control the car in adverse driving conditions along with a variety of different safe driving and parking techniques.

Pick up and drop off at home address (or within a proximity) for In-car driving lessons is provided.

This course is delivered by certified instructors and prepares students to drive safely and responsibly. It has a theory and a practical hands-on training component. For further details please contact us.

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